Cooking & baking equipment

Cooking and baking equipment for your Indonesian cooking

Baking Mould Kue Domino Round

Round baking mould with 25 cm diameter, height 6,5cm, and a knife to cut the cake in rings, so the r..


Baking Mould Lidah Kucing Big

Baking Mould Lidah Kucing (Kattetong), for 32 cookies at a time. Size: 30x30cm. Recipe Lidah Kucing..


Baking Mould Lidah Kucing Small

Baking Mould Lidah Kucing (Kattetong), for 18 cookies at a time. Size: 23x28cm. Recipe Lidah Kucing..


Baking Pan Martabak Manis

Aluminium baking pan for Kue Martabak Manis (Malaysia:Terang Bulan or Apam Balik). Diameter 22cm, ou..


Bundtform Cake Pan

Bundtform cake pan, with non-stick coating. Diameter 25,5cm, height 8,5cm...


Cake Form Kue Lapis Beras

Cake Form Kue Lapis Beras or Sagu. Measurements: 22x11x7cm. Aluminium. Recipe Kue Lapis Beras If ..


Cake pan Kue Mangkok/set 6

Cake pans Kue Mangkok/set 6 pcs (Indonesian cupcakes). Height 4,5cm/diam bottom 3,5cm/ top 6,5cm. Al..


Cake pan Roti Kukus/set 6

Cake pan for Roti Kukus (Indonesian steamed cake). Height 4,5cm, diam down 3,5cm/ top 6,5cm. Set 6 p..


Cake pans/set 3

Cake pans for example Lapis Surabaya or pie. You can use them for a wide variety of cakes. Set of 3 ..


Cakepan Kue Lapis Surabaya

Cakepan Kue Lapis Surabaya, 30x30cm, height 3,5cm. Very handy, you can bake all three layers in one ..


Cream Horn Mould/ set 2

Set of 2 cream horn moulds. In Indonesia cream horns are called Kue Keong or Kue cungcung. Diameter ..

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Crepes Maker Set

Crepes Maker Set. This pan has the nonstick layer on the outside! The ideal set to make the skins fo..


Kembang Goyang Set

Set of 1 handle and 3 forms for Kue Kembang Goyang: - flower with a diameter of 7cm, - star wi..


Kue Bolu Mini/set 6

Kue Bolu Mini. Set of 6 aluminium baking moulds. Height 3cm, upper diameter 10cm, lower diameter 8cm..


Kue Cubit Pan

Pan for making Kue Cubit. 24 holes. Made of cast aluminium. Diam 30 cm. With tin plate cover. The..


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