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Kue Bolu Mini/set 6

Kue Bolu Mini. Set of 6 aluminium baking moulds. Height 3cm, upper diameter 10cm, lower diameter 8cm..


Kue Cubit Pan

Pan for making Kue Cubit. 24 holes. Made of cast aluminium. Diam 30 cm. With tin plate cover. The..


Kue Kastengel Mould

Kue Kastengel Mould. 12x4cm, height 5cm. Aluminium with plastic handle. Recipe..


Kue Ku Mould

Kue Ku mould, 17x6,5x2,5cm, plastic. For cake size 6,5x5cm. Kue Ku/ Kue Tok is a popular snack, whic..


Kue Lumpur Pan

Pan for making Kue Lumpur, also called Indonesian or Javanese Mud Cake. Diameter 22cm, height 2,5cm,..


Kue Lumpur Sorga Pan

High quality aluminium pan for making Kue Lumpur Sorga. The lid is a pan also, so 2 pans for the pri..


Kue Pancong Pan

Kue Pancong Pan, for making Pancong cake and Kue Rangi (indonesian coconut cake)  or Kue Bandros. Wi..


Kue Pukis Pan

Pan for making Kue Pukis, those delicious Indonesian cakes. 12 holes. Diam 26 cm, made of cast alumi..


Kue Putri Salju Mould

Kue Putri Salju Moulds. 13,5x4,5cm, height 6cm. Aluminium with plastic handle. Recipe...


Kue Putu Ayu Moulds Square/ set 12

Kue Putu Ayu Moulds Square/ set 12. Putu ayu is a delicious Indonesian cake. Size 5,5x5,5cm, height ..


Kue Putu Ayu Moulds/ set 12

Kue Putu Ayu Moulds/ set 12. Putu ayu is an Indonesian cake. Diam 6,5cm, height 2,5cm. Set has one c..


Kue Sakura Mould/ set 6

Set 6 moulds for Kue Sakura, the delicious indonesian cake with caramel. Made from plastic. Height 3..


Kue Semprong Mould

Kue Semprong Mould. Wafer snack is in English known as Love Letters egg roll. Total lenght 33cm, iro..


Kue Serabi Pan (Alu)

Pan for making Kue Serabi. Aluminium. Diam 25cm. With tin plate lid. Only suitable for gas stoves. ..


Kue Talam Moulds /set 12

Small Kue Talam Moulds. Set of 12 pieces. Made of plastic.Height 3cm, diam 4,5cm. The recipe for ..


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