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Minyak Telon Cap Lang

Minyak Telon Cap Lang, bottle 60 ml. Relieves baby's stomach cramps when baby's stomach is rubbed wi..

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Miniature of the Monas in Jakarta, the national monument. Size 11x11cm, height 33cm. Made of wood an..


Mould for Donut

Mould for Donut, aluminium. Diam 8cm, height 4cm. Allthough donuts are not originally from Indonesia..


Muffin Mould

Muffin mould for 16 muffins. Size: 32x32cm, height 3cm. Holes diameter lower 5cm, upper 6m. ..


Nastar Kue Moulds

Set of 20 moulds for Kue Nastar  and Kue Nastar Keranjang. Height 1cm, upper diameter 3,5cm, lower d..



Neighbours. 4 cards with envelopes (16x16cm) with beautiful drawings from Ken Pattern of adjoining a..


Onion Cutter

Onion Cutter. To chop your onions with ease, but also garlic, mushrooms or other vegetables can be u..


Otot Geliga Cream

Otot Geliga Cream, tube 60 gram. Relieves muscle aches, sprains, cramps and other muscular problems...


Paper for Nasi Bungkus

Paper for Nasi Bungkus, bundle of 250 sheets onesided laminated paper, size 28x39cm.This paper is us..


Papers for Piring Lidi/ pack 250 sheets

Pack of approx. 250 papers for our Piring Lidi. Diam. approx 25cm. One side laminated. Are you us..


Pastei Moulds/ set 3

3 Plastic pastei moulds with width of 9,5, 12 and 15,5cm. Dishwasher safe. To make pastei or pastel..


Pin Garuda

Discover the majestic beauty and cultural significance of Indonesia with our exquisite 3x3 cm Garuda..


Pin Indonesian Flag

Little pin of the Indonesian flag, 17x17mm, with lock on the backside...


Piring Lidi/ set 10

Set of 10 piring lidi. (Lidi is the stem of coconutpalm leaves.) These are woven baskets which ca..


Plastic Bags 12x25cm

Plastic bags for individual packing of cakes and cookies. Size 12x25cm. Not selfclosing nor self-adh..

€3.56 €3.95

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