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Corn Brush

Corn brush, for cleaning corncobs. Off course you can also use it for mushrooms and other vegetables..


Counterpain Cream

Counterpain Cream, tube 30 gram. Relieves muscle aches, joint aches and sprains. Keep awau from chil..


Cover for Bantal Guling

Cover for Bantal Guling. cotton/polyester-mix, for guling 90cm long. Circumference approx. 70cm. Col..


Cover for Bantal Guling Mini

Cover for Bantal Guling Mini. cotton/polyester-mix, for guling 45cm long. Circumference approx. 51cm..

€6.52 €7.25

Cream Horn Mould/ set 2

Set of 2 cream horn moulds. In Indonesia cream horns are called Kue Keong or Kue cungcung. Diameter ..


Crepes Maker Set

Crepes Maker Set. This pan has the nonstick layer on the outside! The ideal set to make the skins fo..


Didin Hasanudin - Sajak-Sajak Perjalanan

Didin Hasanudin - Sajak-Sajak Perjalanan. 154 pages.Paperback, 21x15cm. Language: Indonesian. Did..


Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia

Elevate your love for Indonesia with our unique cardboard emblem featuring relief textures. With a d..


Drink Coasters/ set 6

Drink Coasters. 6 sturdy plastic drink coasters with a strap to hold them together. Size 9,5x9,5cm. ..


Extra Filling for Bantal Guling

Bag with extra filling for the Bantal Guling..


Fruit basket

Bamboo fruit basket. Two sizes diam 34cm/12cm high and diam 29cm/ 10cm high..


Fruit Scooper

Melon scooper or fruit scooper. Length 16cm. Diameter of the balls: one side 2cm, the other side 2,5..


Gandapura Oil Cap Lang

Minyak Gandapura Cap Lang. Oil from the Gaultheria Procumbens plant (also called Wintergreen). This ..


Garland Garuda

This beautiful Garuda garland is a lovely addition to any festive occasion. With an impressive lengt..


Garland Merah Putih

This red and white garland, representing the Indonesian flag, is the perfect way to decorate your ev..


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