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Books from Indonesia or books about former Dutch Indies. Please be aware of the language in which books are written. 

Ambitie en onvermogen

Putten, L.P. van. Ilco 2008, linnen, 192 pages, illustrated, dustjacket, ribbon marker.18x25cm. &..


Aneka Kreasi Dari Karton Warna

Aneka Kreasi Dari Karton Warna. Paperback, full colour illustrated. 21x16cm. 100 pages. Language:&nb..



A Dutch urban foundation in the tropics Anno 1619  Breuning, H. A. G. J. Bestebreurtje 1981,..


Didin Hasanudin - Sajak-Sajak Perjalanan

Didin Hasanudin - Sajak-Sajak Perjalanan. 154 pages.Paperback, 21x15cm. Language: Indonesian. Did..


Horoskop Jawa - Kanem

Horoskop Jawa - Kanem. Paperback, 19.5x12cm. Indonesian language. ..


Horoskop Jawa - Karo

Horoskop Jawa - Karo. Paperback, 19.5x12cm. Indonesian language. ..


Horoskop Jawa - Kaso

Horoskop Jawa - Kaso.  Paperback, 19.5x12cm. Indonesian language. ..


Horoskop Jawa - Katelu

Horoskop Jawa - Katelu. Paperback, 19.5x12cm. Indonesian language. ..


Horoskop Jawa - Kawolu

Horoskop Jawa - Kawolu. Paperback, 19.5x12cm. Indonesian language. ..


Liedjes op de maat van de rottan

Jeff Last - Liedjes op de maat van de rottan. Indonesian revolutionary poems. Thirty poems by Jef..


Map of Indonesia

Explore Indonesia in detail with our geographical map. With a generous size of 101x70.5 cm, convenie..


Rangkaian Nama Unik Buah Hati

Rangkaian Nama Unik Buah Hati. 159 pages. Paperback. 16x15cm. Indonesian language. Looking for a Ind..


Vegetarisch Indonesisch kookboek

A collection of recipes from Indonesian cuisine. With dishes that of course often contain tahu and t..



Wokgerechten 399 pages, 14x19cm, paperback. wok recipes  This book is written in Dutch langu..

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