Standing Sate Barbecue 60cm


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Everywhere in Europe barbecues are unfit to bake satay. The grid has bars in the wrong direction. It means you have to place your satay diagonally or transversely on the barbecue. With the result that turning it is a challenge. The skewer gets too hot to touch or the skewer burns. Our solution is the "satay-bar" on the BBQ.  A rod from left to right, so the sate can be placed correctly, with the meat over the fire and the skewers outside. Turning the satay is easy, and the stick does not get too hot to touch or burned up.

Standing charcoal barbecue especially for satay, width 13,5cm(useable width 11cm), length 60cm, height 80cm. Firebox from stainless steel, height 9,5cm; height inclusive of double bottom/ash tray11,5cm. Feet from galvanised metal, can be removed by removing skrews. As roster we provide the special satay-bar/satay grid, made of stainless steel. This roster is detachable for easy cleaning.

Depending of the diameter of your satay, this barbecue will fit around 25-30 Indonesian satay.

Do not forget to order the fan also!.


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