Wadjan cast iron red


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Wadjan, red cast iron with enamel coating.Height 10cm, diameter 36cm. Suitable for all heat sources: gas, electric, halogen, ceramic and induction. Glass lid included.

A cast iron wadjan is produced by boiling iron in double sand mold casting, let cool, polishing and enamelling. With careful maintenance, you will enjoy your wadjan for a long time.

Important:  Cast iron does not tolerate rapid changes in temperature: Do not put a cold wadjan on a hot plate and do not coil hot wadjan with cold water. Not dry heating or empty overheat. No quenching within the wadjan, however you want to do it anyway, you need to stir while the liquid enters the wadjan. This prevents chipping of the enamel. Use only wooden or plastic materials spatulas and spoons, and avoiding sharp objects.

Cleaning: Washing dishes by hand without or with litte soap. Do not clean in the dishwasher. If a wadjan unexpectedly is sticking or scorching, soak the pan overnight in water (but never with soda).


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