B-Line. 4 cards with envelopes (16x16cm) with beautiful drawings of transportation from Ken Pattern...


Becak Miniature

Very realistic miniature becak. Length 27cm, height 19cm. Metal with rubber tyres, upholstered bench..


Bow and Arrow Set

Bow and Arrow Set. Beautiful handcrafted bow from wood and bamboo. Lenght 135cm. Decorated with indi..


Button Flag with Garuda

Celebrate the pride and beauty of Indonesia with our striking 44mm diameter button, adorned with the..


Cane Butterfly

Cane Butterfly, set of 2. 55x55cm each.Is delivered ready to use. You can just open the wings (and m..



Decorative wooden congklak, cheerfully and colourfull decorated. Also called Dakon on Java. In other..


Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia

Elevate your love for Indonesia with our unique cardboard emblem featuring relief textures. With a d..


Garland Garuda

This beautiful Garuda garland is a lovely addition to any festive occasion. With an impressive lengt..


Garland Merah Putih

This red and white garland, representing the Indonesian flag, is the perfect way to decorate your ev..


Grobak Sayur

3-D wall decoration Grobak Sayur, papertole from a Ken Pattern drawing Papertole also known as Sh..


Kaleng Krupuk Miniature

Add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your space with our adorable Miniature Prawn Cracker Tin, a de..


Miniature Bajaj

Miniature bajaj. Made from metal. These noisy orange threewheeler auto rickshaws are a common sight ..

€42.75 €47.50


Miniature of the Monas in Jakarta, the national monument. Size 11x11cm, height 33cm. Made of wood an..



Neighbours. 4 cards with envelopes (16x16cm) with beautiful drawings from Ken Pattern of adjoining a..


Pin Garuda

Discover the majestic beauty and cultural significance of Indonesia with our exquisite 3x3 cm Garuda..


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