• Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia

Elevate your love for Indonesia with our unique cardboard emblem featuring relief textures. With a diameter of 22.5 cm, this emblem is a masterpiece of texture and symbolism, capturing the Indonesian flag and a majestic Garuda in exquisite relief.

The emblem embodies the essence of Indonesia, with the red and white colors of the flag emerging vividly from the cardboard and the Garuda proudly rising, its contours tangible beneath your fingertips. The relief adds depth and significance to the artwork, making it a tangible representation of the country's rich history and culture.

This emblem is more than just a visual statement; it invites interaction. Place it in a prominent spot in your home, office, or other space to spark admiring looks and conversations. It pays tribute to the power of symbols and serves as a reminder of Indonesia's grandeur.

Whether you hang it on a wall, frame it as an artwork, or display it elsewhere, our cardboard emblem with relief of the Indonesian flag and Garuda is an artistic way to express your love and respect for this magnificent country. Infuse texture, depth, and meaning into your space with this captivating emblem.

Weight 10 gram
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Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia

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