Pin Indonesian Flag

Little pin of the Indonesian flag, 17x17mm, with lock on the backside...


Rujak Ulek

3-D wall decoration Rujak Ulek, papertole from a Ken Pattern drawing Papertole also known as Shad..


Sewing Logo Indonesian Flag

Infuse a touch of Indonesian pride into your clothing and accessories with our exquisite sew-on patc..


Warung Pepak

3-D wall decoration Warung Pepak papertole from a Ken Pattern drawing Papertole also known as Sha..


Wooden Butterflies/ set 3

Set of 3 butterflies in different sizes: 23, 27 and 29cm wide. Decorated with glitter. Due to the..


Wooden Fish/ set 3

Set of 3 fish in different sizes: 15, 20 and 25cm high.Javanese handicraft. Due to the handicraft..


Wooden Turtles/ set 3

Set of 3 handmade wooden turtles. The lengths are 20, 14 and 11 cm. The decorated shells can be remo..


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