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Balsam Gosok Cap Lang

Balsam Gosok Cap Lang. Jar 20 or 40grams. Relieves muscle pains, headaches, common colds, motion sic..


Gandapura Oil Cap Lang

Minyak Gandapura Cap Lang. Oil from the Gaultheria Procumbens plant (also called Wintergreen). This ..


GPU Liniment Oil

GPU Liniment Oil. Helps to relieve muscular pains, joint pains, backaches, sprains, bruises, and pro..


Minyak Angin Cap Lang

Minyak Angin Cap Lang. Against common colds and giddiness. Bottle 24 ml...


Minyak Kayu Putih Cap Lang

Minyak Kayu Putih Cap Lang. 100% pure Cajaput oil (oil distilled from the leaves of the Cajaput tree..


Minyak Telon Cap Lang

Minyak Telon Cap Lang, bottle 60 ml. Relieves baby's stomach cramps when baby's stomach is rubbed wi..


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