Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils for Indonesian cooking.

Agar Agar Knife

Ribbed knife from metal for cutting agar agar or pudding. 16,5x6cm...


Bakwan Spoon

Spoon for baking bakwan, up to 3 in 1 time. The spoon is approximately 24 cm high and the containers..


Bowl Scraper

Plastic bowl scraper, length 24cm. ..


Cake Mould Rose

Set of 6 plastic cake molds to create rose-shaped cupcakes. Make your own Kue Lumpang Mawar or Kue A..


Cendol Maker Sruut

Press to make cendol. Plastic. Diameter 11cm. Total height 20cm, of which 12cm for the tank. A bag w..


Coconut Grater

Grater for fresh coconut. Length 38cm, width 8cm. The grating part is 24x7cm. Galvanised metal...


Cookie Mould Panda

Pressmould for 4 panda shaped cookies, each approx 3,5x3cm. Aluminium with plastic handle. Size 14x4..


Corn Brush

Corn brush, for cleaning corncobs. Off course you can also use it for mushrooms and other vegetables..


Fruit Scooper

Melon scooper or fruit scooper. Length 16cm. Diameter of the balls: one side 2cm, the other side 2,5..


Ice Lolly Maker

Ice Lolly Maker, to make your own popsicle, or your Indonesian Es Stik. Just fill it and put it in t..


Irus bamboo

Bamboo Spatula, natural lcolour, 30cm...


Kipas sate

Fan for the BBQ. Made of bamboo. Length handle 43cm, blade 31x25cm. For the best satay, the cha..


Kitchen set (9 parts)

Kitchen set, consisting of a wooden cutting board with size 32,5x19x1,5cm and 8 small but very handy..


Kitchen Skimmer

Kitchen skimmer, stainless steel. Diameter 17cm, handle 28cm long...


Kue Kastengel Mould

Kue Kastengel Mould. 12x4cm, height 5cm. Aluminium with plastic handle. Recipe..


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