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Safe Care Mind & Spirit Roll On Stick. Refreshing cold feeling oil to be used when having headache, migrain, travel sickness or flu. Just wrub the painfull area with this stick. For external use only. Contains 10 ml.

Safe Care is the PIONEER of minyak angin aromatherapy roll-on in Indonesia. With the innovation from Safe Care, Minyak Angin usage becomes more practical, efficient, and hygienic.

“Minyak angin” is a specific term for traditional and widely used product in Indonesia, which may be known as “refreshing oil” or “medicated oil”.

Safe Care Refreshing Oil Aromatherapy are effective to relieve headaches, dizziness, nausea, itchiness from insect bites, respiratory problems, as well as giving a refreshing sensation to the mind and spirit.


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