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In this online store we present our Indonesian (nonfood) products.

Feel free to look around. And please check back regularly also, because more products will be added! Especially for Indonesian baking aids, Waroeng.nl is your partner. Also, we have quite a choice of Indonesian massage oil and balms. We do not sell food products or ingredients. Waroeng.nl is a webshop of Istilah Import in Wezep, The Netherlands. We look forward processing your order to your satisfaction. Please read the reactions from preceding clients in our guestbook.

Order and pay online on workdays before 14.00 hour, and we ship the same day.


Cakepan Kue Lapis Surabaya

Cakepan Kue Lapis Surabaya, 30x30cm, height 3,5cm. Very handy, you can bake all three layers in one ..


Balsam Balpirik red

Balsam Balpirik red. Very hot. Relieves all kinds of muscle pains, headaches, common colds, car sick..


Cendol Maker Sruut

Press to make cendol. Plastic. Diameter 11cm. Total height 20cm, of which 12cm for the tank. A bag w..


Standing Sate Barbecue 60cm

Everywhere in Europe barbecues are unfit to bake satay. The grid has bars in the wrong direction. It..



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