Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils for Indonesian cooking.

Kue Kastengel Mould

Kue Kastengel Mould. 12x4cm, height 5cm. Aluminium with plastic handle. Recipe..


Kue Ku Mould

Kue Ku mould, 17x6,5x2,5cm, plastic. For cake size 6,5x5cm. Kue Ku/ Kue Tok is a popular snack, whic..


Kue Putri Salju Mould

Kue Putri Salju Moulds. 13,5x4,5cm, height 6cm. Aluminium with plastic handle. Recipe...


Kue Putu Ayu Moulds Square/ set 12

Kue Putu Ayu Moulds Square/ set 12. Putu ayu is a delicious Indonesian cake. Size 5,5x5,5cm, height ..


Kue Putu Ayu Moulds/ set 12

Kue Putu Ayu Moulds/ set 12. Putu ayu is an Indonesian cake. Diam 6,5cm, height 2,5cm. Set has one c..


Kue Talam Moulds /set 12

Small Kue Talam Moulds. Set of 12 pieces. Made of plastic.Height 3cm, diam 4,5cm. The recipe for ..


Layer Cake Press

Layer Cake Press, small handy tool to make even and thin layers of Kue Lapis Legit, or Spekoek. Size..


Lemper model

Mould to make small lemper in the right size and shape. Including stamp. Size(lxwxh) :18,5x6,5x3,5cm..


Lemper Model Big

Extra large siza mould to make lemper in the right size and shape. Including stamp. Size(lxwxh) :18x..


Mas Eddy's Lemper Press

Produced by Mas Eddy, the lemper Press. Made of wood. Size 21x23cm Height 6cm. Watch the movie for t..

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Mould for Donut

Mould for Donut, aluminium. Diam 8cm, height 4cm. Allthough donuts are not originally from Indonesia..


Onion Cutter

Onion Cutter. To chop your onions with ease, but also garlic, mushrooms or other vegetables can be u..


Pastei Moulds/ set 3

3 Plastic pastei moulds with width of 9,5, 12 and 15,5cm. Dishwasher safe. To make pastei or pastel..


Pudding Mould/ set 12

Pudding mould/ set 12 pieces. Set consists of 4 different colours. Size: 5,5x5,5cm, height 3cm...


Puding Semangka Mould

Puding Semangka Mould. Size: 23x8cm, height 5cm. Aluminium. To make pudding with two colours (like t..


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