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Oil & Balsam offers the widest selection of Indonesian oils and balms in The Netherlands, and maybe even whole Europe. For traditional pidjit massage of just to relieve muscle aches, you came to the right place. Wellknown brands like Cap Lang, Balpirik and Cap Tawon, we have them all. Indonesia has massages in their culture and tradition, off course they also know how to make a good massage oil or balsem!

Air Mancur Param Kocok

Air Mancur Param Kocok, bottle 75 ml. For external use only. Relieves muscle aches and stiff musscle..

€7.15 €7.95

Balsam Balpirik red

Balsam Balpirik red. Very hot. Relieves all kinds of muscle pains, headaches, common colds, car sick..


Balsam Cap Badak

Balsam Cap Badak, jar 36 gram. As there are courtcases about the ownership of the brand Kaki Tiga, t..


Balsam Gosok Cap Lang

Balsam Gosok Cap Lang. Jar 20 or 40grams. Relieves muscle pains, headaches, common colds, motion sic..


Balsam Otot Geliga

Balsam Otot Geliga. Jar of 20 and 40 gram. This famous Indonesian massage balm relieves muscle aches..


Balsam Rheumason green

Balsam Rheumason green. Relieves muscle pains, "masuk angin" and itches caused by insectbites. Jar 1..


Balsam Rheumason White Cream

Balsam Rheumason White Cream. More liquid than other balsems, therefor easier to apply. Not sticky, ..


Balsem Merah Cap Jahe

Balsem Merah Cap Jahe, jar 20 gram. Powerfull muscle balm against muscle aches..  Warning: This o..


Cap Tawon Balm

Cap Tawon Balm. Jar 18 gram. This brand is wellknown from the massage oil, now there is balm also.Ta..


Counterpain Cream

Counterpain Cream, tube 30 gram. Relieves muscle aches, joint aches and sprains. Keep awau from chil..


Gandapura Oil Cap Lang

Minyak Gandapura Cap Lang. Oil from the Gaultheria Procumbens plant (also called Wintergreen). This ..


GPU Liniment Oil

GPU Liniment Oil. Helps to relieve muscular pains, joint pains, backaches, sprains, bruises, and pro..


Koyo Cabe Hot plaster

Koyo Cabe. Heat emitting plaster. Bag with 10 plasters size 55x45mm. Very hot. Relieves muscle aches..


Minyak Angin Cap Kapak

Minyak Angin Cap Kapak, Axe brand. Good for headaches and colds, just massage it on your temples.  C..


Minyak Angin Cap Lang

Minyak Angin Cap Lang. Against common colds and giddiness. Bottle 24 ml...


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